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The following software, available for free download, allows the validation of commonly used null model tests in Ecology (MPower), the implementation of robust, uniformly most powerful null model tests (CoOccur), and the implementation of unbiased simulation algorithms for the "fixed rows - fixed columns" class of null model tests (FixIt). Additional information about the software is available on the links listed below and in the accompanying help files.

To download MPower, software for evaluating ecological null model tests, please go to www.santafe.edu/~jladau/MPower.

To download CoOccur, software for implementing robust null model tests (Ladau, J. and S.J. Schwager, 2008, Robust hypothesis tests for independence in community assembly, J. Mathematical Biology), please go to www.santafe.edu/~jladau/CoOccur.

To download FixIt, software for implementing "fixed rows - fixed columns" null model tests with unbiased algorithms, please go to www.santafe.edu/~jladau/FixIt.